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Roslindale is served by numerous MBTA bus lines and a commuter rail line. Most busses serving Roslindale originate at Forest Hills Station (Orange Line Subway), or Mattapan Station (Connecting the Red Line Subway at Ashmont Station via the high-speed trolley/streetcar shuttle). See note below.

Busses In Roslindale

  • #14 - Roslindale Sq. to Health Street Loop (Green Line-E) via Dudley Sq. and Jackson Square Station. (Orange Line)
    Snow Route (**)

  • #30 - Forest Hills to Mattapan Station via Roslindale Sq.
    (via Washington Street & Cummins Highway)
    Snow Route (**)

  • #32 - Forest Hills to Wolcott Sq. (or Cleary Sq. @ Pingree St.) via Hyde Park Ave.
    (See Schedule. Specific runs terminate at Hyde Park Ave & Pingree St - Cleary Sq.)

  • #34 - 34E - Forest Hills to Walpole via Washington St.
       To Walpole Center (Rt #34E) or,
       To the Dedham Line at Rt-1 Rotary (Rt #34).
       --Both also serve the Dedham Mall.

  • #35 - Forest Hills to Dedham Mall via Centre & Stimson Streets (via West Roxbury).

  • #36 - Forest Hills to Charles River / or VA Hospital / or Rivermoor Industrial Park
    (via Centre & Spring Streets.)

  • #37 - Forest Hills to Baker & Vermont Streets
    Special limited runs service LaGrange and Corey Streets.
    Operates as Rt 37-38 on Saturdays.
    Starts as Rt 38 Forest Hills to Center St & West Roxbury Parkway, then continues as Rt 37 to Baker & Vermont Street.
    (No Sunday Service)

  • #38 - Forest Hills to Wren Street (via Centre St. to West Roxbury).
    (No Sunday Service)

  • #40 - Forest Hills to Georgetowne Drive Housing Development via Washington St. & West Boundary Rd.
    (To Georgetowne Drive & Marguerita Drive).
  • #38 - Forest Hills to Wren Street (via Centre St. to West Roxbury).
    (No Sunday Service) Snow Route (**)

  • #50 - Forest Hills to Cleary Sq. via Roslindale Sq.
    (Washington St., Metropolitan Ave., Poplar St., West St.)
    Snow Route (**)

  • #51 - Forest Hills to Cleveland Circle
    (Actually to Reservoir Station - Green Line-D, and adjacent to Cleveland Circle stop on the Green Line-C)
    (No Sunday Service)

    Special Notes

    • ** - Special Extra Weekday Busses - The MBTA operates several special busses in morning and afternoon rush hours on school days that combine 2 or more routes traversing Roslindale which are sometimes referred-to as school time supplemental routes. See each bus schedule for the above to see if such a route services an area of interest to you in the morning or afternoon. These are mostly utilized by school children going to and from school. Some of these additional school supplement routes divert from the numbered routes as well. Check schedules.

    • ** - Snow Routes - Due to steep terrains that these routes follow, during special declared snow events, these busses do not operate until roads are sufficiently cleared and treated. Current Snow Routes in Roslindale are #14, #30, 40, and #50.


MBTA Commuter Rail

MBTA Commuter Rail - Needham Branch

  • Boston to Needham Heights - Stations at Roslindale Sq. station Bellevue Station.
    Currently, No Sunday Service.

MBTA South Station Train Service (Parallels Hyde Park Ave. - No stops in Roslindale)
Northeast Corridor (NEC) Amtrak Service to New York & Washington DC
Board Trains in Boston at South Station, Back Bay Station, and select trains at Ruggles Station.

  • Boston to Canton Junction or Stoughton (select trains stop at Hyde Park, Cleary Sq.)

  • Boston to South Attleboro (select trains stop at Hyde Park, Cleary Sq.)

  • Boston to Providence, RI. (limited service)

  • Boston to Franklin (stops at Readville Station, near Wolcott Sq.)

  • Boston to New York City (High-Speed Acela and Amtrak Regional Services - 2 stops in downtown Boston.)

  • Boston to Readville (Hyde Park)- (aka the Fairmount Shuttle via the Dorchester Branch)
    Stops in Hyde Park between Logan Sq. and Truman Hghy, and Readville at Wolcott Sq.

The MBTA  operates its trains and most busses on low-sulfur fuels so as to meet EPA standards. All of the busses operating on Roslindale's Streets are garaged at the Arborway / Forest Hills Bus Yard which is populated soley by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) units which are deemed environmentally friendly.

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